I Dont Cut My Hair - D-A-D - Best Of D.A.D 30 Years 30 Hits 1984-2014 (CD)


  1. Tracklist Marlboro Man Call Of The Wild Riding With Sue It's After Dark Isn't That Wild I Don't Cut My Hair Black Crickets Sleeping My Day Away Jihad Point Of View Girl.
  2. 30 years 30 hits - Best of D.A.D. CD – Osta nyt EMP:ltä – Lisää Bändit netissä - Halvat hinnat!
  3. D-A-D: 30 Years 30 Hits-Best of D-A-D Billed as, "the perfect career-spanning retrospective album, time to look back and reflect, but also a great opportunity for all those who want the best – and nothing but the best – on a 2-CD," 30 Years 30 Hits-Best of D-A-D is very much the perfect introduction to a band who have had a slew of No.1 albums in their native Denmark.
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  8. D-A-D - 30 Years 30 Hits – Best of D-A-D Three decades of unique high-class music! Denmark’s most successful Rock act in history celebrates its 30th anniversary the way it should be done: loud, proud & hungry for more!/5(5).

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