1. 1. postlude - a voluntary played at the end of a religious service voluntary - composition (often improvised) for a solo instrument (especially solo organ) and not a regular part of a religious service or musical performance Based on WordNet , Farlex clipart collection. © .
  2. Following their debut LP ‘Rites Of Passage’, ‘Postlude’ is a three-track affair which juxtaposes two of the album’s floor-focussed cuts with an extended version of ‘Test Dream’.
  3. Postlude: Future of Blended Language Learning paper- and classroom-based, are synchronized in terms of time and place, and have a formal administration, control, and individual focus. A next stage, ‘Assessments ’, share a common move to be ‘e-assessments’ that are found in online portfolios, online quizzes, and computer-based tests.
  4. Aug 09,  · The composition Postludium (), dedicated to Bartolomej Stanković, is a virtuoso work in which four different moods are intertwining. By connecting the contemporary techniques of .
  5. Synonyms for postlude in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for postlude. 1 word related to postlude: voluntary. What are synonyms for postlude?
  6. Mar 11,  · A travel brochure offered a river cruise through France and added: “For those who would like to extend their stay in France, an optional prelude in Normandy and an optional postlude in Versailles are offered.” A psychology conference added a “postlude” to its lecture series, offering attendees two more days of lectures.
  7. This postlude is the same as the orchestral prelude, save for some changes in instrumentation and transposition into C major. The composition of about 14 minutes presents a theme with six character variations, framed by an introduction and a postlude.
  8. The interlude between strophes 2 and 3 and the postlude are complete restatements of the entire melody of the song. The form of the song is strophic with three verses, an instrumental introduction, interludes between each verse and a postlude. A postlude argues for the continuing relevance of Daoist anarchism. Examples from Classical Literature.
  9. Witold Lutosławski; Three Postludes [Trzy postludia] () Chester Music Ltd (Worldwide except Poland, Albania, Bulgaria, China, countries of former Czechoslovakia, Croatia, former territories of Yugoslavia, Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam, Romania, Hungary and countries of former USSR).

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